Education is the Key to Prevention

Our education program reaches out to the community to increase awareness and spread knowledge about HIV/AIDs and other STDs.

Presentations & HIV Testing

Presentations in our community are the first line of defense in preventing new infections.  In 2013, we held 56 education events throughout our region. Interactive question-and-answer sessions, educational games, and public outreach activities are essential to our education program's success.


Caritas House is also happy to connect you with free HIV testing resources in our  area. Please call the office at (304) 985-0021 to schedule an appointment today.

Safer Sex Literature & Supplies

Distribution of brochures, magazines, and other print materials allow members of the community to learn about their sexual health in a private and leisurely way. Distribution of safer sex supplies such as male & female condoms, lubricant, and dental dams encourage safer habits.


By educating the public about their proper use, safer sex supplies are key in stemming new infections and seeking treatment when an infection has been detected.

Social Media Awareness & Outreach

Social tools are one of the most pervasive ways to spread knowledge and undermine stigmas associated with HIV/AIDS. We understand the importance of "Big Social" and we have developed a social media campaign that embraces a range of services from Facebook to Kickstarter.


Info-graphics, engaging photos, videos, and other interactive components allow us to pitch our message in an engaging way that is also highly cost effective.

The United Way of Monongalia
and Preston Counties
AIDS in Black America:
'We Can Win this Battle'

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